tee: thrifted, shorts: F21, shoes: , necklaces: H&M, F21

Last night our family participated in a little tradition we like to call Hotdog Express. It’s on Hiway 80 in Longview, if you’re ever in town! Cheap hotdogs and retro atmosphere. Mmmm. (Cash only!) I had a different outfit on earlier in the morning when I went to hear and judge some high school singers before they left for a competition. For Hotdog Express it was too hot so I threw on a shirt I thrifted Wednesday and some sequin shorts and jazzed up that hotdog joint! Don’t mind the unshaved legs, okay? That’s what we call “Classic Mel.”

Have you guys seen the new Wendy’s Frosty Cone? My only question is how it isn’t melting and sliding right out of the cone. Isn’t a frosty just a milkshake? Someone please explain this phenomenon to me.

How’s your week going? It’s Friday! Any plans for the weekend? I’ve got a MOUNTAIN of laundry to get done and a car to get clean to sell! Also more job hunting and graduation announcement sending.


Happy Weekend!