Stormy Weather


top: F21, pants: Old Navy, cuff: thrifted, necklace: F21, shoes: TOMS

The weather has been so insane here in the south. My heart breaks for all of those affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. I can’t imagine weather ruining my home and taking away my family. It’s so utterly bizarre. If you’re able, please donate to the churches in the area so they can help their own. If not, donate to the Red Cross!

Here in Texas the weather became dark and stormy yesterday evening. The clouds were swirling, dark, and black and it rained all night long. I happen to love it 🙂 (Psst! Can you see all of the tiny branches and leaves in the background? The wind was insane while we were shooting these!) I had my first dentist appointment in, ahem, years yesterday. A could scrubbing and check up on my teeth and I’m good to know! I’ve been fortunate to never have a cavity and I plan on keeping it that way. But I can still feel the grit from the flouride. Yuck.

Do you like the dentist? I’m always a little anxious before going in. Being a grown up is hard. 😉

Happy Wednesday!