A weekend with sister.

1. Driving.
2/3. Dallas.
4. I got a little nostalgic. Jason and had front row seats at a Mavs game here while we were dating. I even spotted the building we parked in. 🙂 One of the best days ever.
5. Shel is the best at finding restaurants. She found this one that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! Maple & Motor!
6. Ready to eat!
7. HA.
8/9. Yum!
10. Kari Jobe and All Sons & Daughters tour! Great night of worship.
11. Nightlife.

So last weekend I spent with my sister in her dormpartment near Dallas. I followed my parents down Friday night and we all helped her build shelves, rearrange furniture, hang things, and make it feel more like home. My parents drove back really late (yikes!) while I stayed back. We stayed up late eating ice cream, watching the Food Network, and yacking. Saturday night we made the 1.5 hour trip out to Grand Prairie for the Where I Find You tour. So. Great. The two of us are always reminded of why we have the calling placed on our lives to be worship leaders when we attend such worship filled concerts. I digress! We stayed up late again eating ice cream and a whoopie pie we bought at Maple & Motor. I made the three hour trip home Sunday and loved on my hubs before diving headfirst into some homework. 🙂

How was your weekend? Any of you at that concert, too?