Date night.

tee: Target, jeans/sandals: Old Navy, bag: Forever21

Our labor day was less than stellar. We spent last Friday and Saturday moving furniture and hanging things everywhere and just giving the ol’ house a heave ho. Sunday was spent with my family so Monday was going to be our day. Jason spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the school, (even though the school was closed. don’t even get me started.) and when he got home he worked on updating his office that we rearranged. We finally got around to planning our date and getting ready later in the day. I took Pepper back to our room while I got ready and the next thing I know there’s a puddle on our freshly washed sheets. Stunned, I stripped our bed and started the wash. Over an hour later I was finally ready to go. It was just one of those times when I couldn’t find a thing to wear. Toosmalltoobigtoofancytoocasualthat’snotcleanwhydon’tIhaveblackheelswhereismy blacktankIdon’tevenhaveasimpleblacktee? kind of days. So after a dozen outfit changes I just threw on a tee and jeans. No fuss.
And wouldn’t you know it? Labor day is over. Jason’s back to work and I’m back to class tomorrow. It just seems that these weekends fly by so fast. It makes me sick. But at least I had a day with my sweet! Hope things slow down really soon. I miss that guy.