Cool stuff I bought for real cheap. Wanna see?

I said yesterday (wait, what day is it?) that my sister and I went to Houston for a little day trip. She stayed the night and we hit up the two thrift stores here. This giant church’s thrift store (FPC Thrift Store) and Goodwill (lame city/way overpriced). Srsly, the FPC is the GREATEST. EVER. They improvise on their prices. No price tag? Eh.. two bucks. I got a real fur coat, house stuff, and other clothes there all for $30 back in the fall. Wait, why am I telling you?! You’re going to take all the good stuff! JK.. I already bought it all. 🙂

So! Here’s what I thrifted from these magical places.

Cobalt blue trousers, polka dot skirt, crazy awesome patterned swing shorts.

Buttload of head scarves.

$2 leather bag, pleated skirt, striped sleeveless top.

Champagne flutes, wooden coasters, turquoise swan, and wait–what is that?

It’s a cat! No, it’s a pig! It’s a CIGPAT!

And this is Little Bit. I didn’t thrift her. Well, kinda. She likes to let me know who actually owns my stuff. Because why would it be me?

What have you thrifted lately? Any places I don’t know about that I need to hit up? I promise I won’t reveal your secret spots! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cool stuff I bought for real cheap. Wanna see?

  1. Mom found me a GEM at a place on hwy80 (more towards White Oak than Longview– They advertise having matresses and such, but they have a TON of furniture, and for pretty good deals! I’m revealing next week on my DIY blog exactly what I scored from there 🙂

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