Egg Sandwiches are the Greatest Thing to Happen to Me.

Since coming home from Chattanooga late Sunday night, I’ve been reveling in the incredibly rainy week we’re having here. I’ve been missing waking up earlier! Even though I’m off during the summer doesn’t mean I don’t need vacation from myself. Sitting around twiddling my thumbs while Jason is at work does not a sane Melody make!

Also since being home, I’ve fallen in love with egg sandwiches again. It’s meat! It’s protein! It’s a vegetable…? You can seriously put anything on eggs and it will taste good. Avocado, mayo, feta, pepper jack, lemon, spinach… where does it end!? There’s also been a lot of this:

Sleepy cats in my lap wasting away the rainy afternoons. This is my life!

I’ve also been really hard at work on that surprise I told you about here. It’s been heartbreaking, exciting, upsetting, disappointing, and exciting again. I can’t wait to tell you! But just like me, you’ll have to wait! 🙂 (…again…not a baby :P)

I’ll end with some instas of our trip around up there in good ol’ Tennessee.

It wouldn’t be The Rich Style without a feet shot. 🙂

I’ll be back later this week with a full recap of our trip!