It Bloomed!

Monday night my family came over to help us install a new water heater after our old one nearly burned our house down while we were gone to our family reunion. Yeah. We came home to a house that smelled like a giant Sharpie, opened the laundry room closet and found a black water heater. Scariest moment so far in this house. Thank you JESUS for protecting our home and for allowing us to have an emergency fund to pay for a new water heater. He is good, no?

So since the manly men were installing the tank my sisters and mom and I finally potted the cacti and plants I bought over a month ago. When I went out the next morning I saw my little prickly one had bloomed a flower! If you look close in the last picture you’ll see another little bloom sprouting. Mom says I have a green thumb with cacti. I’d say I do. 🙂

Have you planted any flowers this spring? Blooming yet?