Mama Bear Will Kill You

cardi, tights, dress, necklace: F21, boots: UO

That’s a little pathetic that most of my outfit is from Forever21, right? Yeesh. Currently I’m sitting on the couch waiting for Jason to get back with the best Chinese food on the planet. They cook it to order and it is so.flipping.good. Seriously. If you’re ever in Henderson GETCHUSOME at China Cafe. Forreals.

I actually had a semi productive day. I got a needed recital credit (we have to have 10 each semester as music majors), baked a cake, and got a third of the way through a test review. This is big news, okay. Normally I’m waiting until two nights before to even begin hacking my way through that giant review. I still have a lot to do for next week but I’m inching my way through. And that counts for something, right?

So a few months ago Jason decided to let Toonces outside “just for a little bit”. I almost had a heart attack. I’ve always always been so paranoid about any of my pets running away. I’m a good pet mom, right? I feed you, I give you water, I bathe you, I pet you… why would they run away? I think that fear stems from all the times my cousins’ pets ran away.

It was a lot.

So when I walked around the corner after taking these pictures and saw this:

All of my instincts wanted to grab him and run inside. But Jason just stood next to him the entire time and when he got a little too adventurous nearing the neighbor’s yard (a cat motel) Jason gave in to my panics and took him inside. Though Toonces nearly darted back for the door before we got it all the way closed. Poor guy. He lived outside since he was born up until we took him home after we got married.

Now, Little Bit would be the one that would actually probably run away. Her personality is so flighty and crazy she probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. Toonces, though, is reserved. But now that we’ve let him taste a bit of freedom he wants it all! Jason really wants to get them harnesses and take them on walks. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?