When You Leave Your Phone at Home

cardi: Pacsun, shirt: Passion, jeans: Target, oxfords: thrifted

We drove literally a minute away to take these pictures. I saw a fire truck drive by and asked Jason where the fire station was. He pointed the opposite way of our house. So when we got done shooting I thought it would be a fun idea to drive down that way since I’d never been down 5 minutes past our house in the other direction. I didn’t bring my purse, phone, or wallet with me. Neither did Jason. We drove and drove and ten minutes later ended up in another town with a Whataburger, a Jaimes Rancheros Mexican restaurant, and a few old stores. We decided to check out the tiny restaurant. Without a stitch of technology on us, I felt naked. Like at any moment, just because we didn’t have our phones, something would go horribly wrong. Isn’t that sad? We ended up having such a great time and I didn’t miss my phone once. 🙂

And now I’m going to take a nap.

How was your week? Happy Weekend! Weee!