What Happens When You Have No Water

beanie: J’s-Target, shirt: F21, necklace: F21, jeans: Target, sandals: F21, glasses: thrifted

So, we had no running water all weekend. Walking through the yard Wednesday Jason found a squishy wet part. I thought he was crazy because it had just rained buckets the day before, but he insisted on “digging it up” and “checking it out.” So what did I find when I drove home Thursday afternoon? A Jason butt pointing up at me out of a giant hole. I stopped in the driveway so he could come explain to me just what in the world was going on. He borrowed a shovel from the school and dug away to find a water pipe with a steady dripping leak. I guess he was right after all. So he cut that piece out on Friday, (thus turning off our water) took it to Lowe’s, and came back with nothing. Because crazy Lowe’s only sells that pipe by the roll-100 feet! We only needed 6 inches.

So Jason called our plumber neighbor to see if he had a pipe. He did. He would bring it over Saturday morning. Jason was up early to wait for the neighbor. We had to leave at 11:30 so he called the neighbor when he didn’t show up before then to gently remind him and to say he could leave it on the porch. When we got back home at 1 AM there was still no pipe. At this point we hadn’t had water since early Friday afternoon. Jason had played basketball TWICE and had no shower. I had showered Thursday night. No washing hands, no cooking, no drinking water… nothing. Fortunately I found a water bottle to wash my face with. That’s fun.

Sunday morning Jason made the decision to go back to Lowe’s and buy the whole 100 ft. roll of pipe because obviously the neighbor wasn’t going to bring it and we sure as heck weren’t going to hire him to fix it. So $30 and 99.5ft of leftover pipe later, we have water. And we are clean. And you can speak to us again. And we are humbled and grateful for water. (You should be too.)

And then I was sick Monday. Which looked a little like this:

And this:

How was your weekend? Water filled I hope.