Lipstick Diaries

I’ve found a new hobby: lipstick. Growing up I always thought lipstick was for moms and, well, grown-ups. But with all these awesome new colors (besides mauve and dark red) from affordable brands like Revlon I can add color to my badself. 😛

L to R: 013 Smoked Peach, 004 Pink About It, 616 Wink for Pink, 011 Stormy Pink, 435 Love That Pink, 720 Fire & Ice, 677 Siren, 010 Wine Not

Up until a week ago I only had Pink About It, Fire & Ice, and Siren (which had an unfortunate melting accident in the car so that’s why this is the only picture of it.) We “found” some leftover money in our budget so I bought 5 new lippysticks! Wee.

The one of the far end, Stormy Pink, disappointed me a tiny bit. I thought it was going to be a lot more pigmented than it actually was. But, I still like it. And Smoked Peach is a very neutral every day color while Fire & Ice, Siren, and the other brighter ones are for days ending in ‘y’.
As you can see in the second picture, I wear Pink About It the most (the second from the left in second photo). Though I think that’s going to change to Smoked Peach and Wink for Pink.

Any favorite lipsticks? I keep a running tab of the colors I want to try. There are only three more on my list!

PS. Lipstick for a great cause.

2 thoughts on “Lipstick Diaries

  1. That fire & ice color looks so amazing with your skin tone! Your post has been very helpful for picking out a new lipstick color for thanksgiivng

    (I tried to give this post positive stars, not negative ones, but I kept clicking and it kept going down instead of up!)

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