pullover: F21, jeans: Target, sneakers: Converse

These Target jeans are about the weirdest fit ever! They’re really stretchy, not at all like denim and the top is about 2 inches too low. I was constantly tugging on them all day. Blah.

We cancelled our Direct TV and Jason’s phone line last night to save more money this year. It’s so annoying how companies will bend over BACKWARDS to keep you in their service and yack your ear off until they can “save you money”. Geeeeez. Just cancel my service so I can do other things. It was pretty easy to cancel cable but AT&T was a different story. I got dressed to go run, cleaned my bathroom, ran the dryer, and cleaned out my purse while he was on the phone with the guy who was trying to “save us money.” Now, I’ll admit. Sometimes they have really good suggestions on how to save money. But when tax and other fees are included it ends up only being a few dollars. This guy… sheesh. When he and Jason started to say something at the same time he’d just KEEP. TALKING. until Jason gave up and let him talk. He kept coughing and yawning into the phone and just talked. and talked. and talked. But FINALLY he cancelled Jason’s phone so we could just use mine for the time being. So if you need to talk to us, call my phone or the house! 🙂