My Mom’s Big Debut

That fourth picture is my favorite of my mom. So pretty!

On December 11 mom, my little sister and I headed out to Elmwood Gardens for their first bridal show after “reinventing” themselves, so to speak. (My incredible mother designed their new logo that was seen on every nametag, folder, flier, and sticker at that bridal show. GO MAMA!) They added on another ceremony site so if there was any question of me wanting to get married again this solidified it. I want to get married again. (To Jason.. of course.)

It is so gorgeous out there. It’s not just our wedding location to me. It’s somewhere I’d love to live. I’d love to work out there in the gardens or even just cleaning the joint! It’s that beautiful. Even the 1.5 hour drive out is pretty. Trees, pastures, cows, winding country roads… reminds me of Laneville.

Back to my mom. 🙂 Since she is so awesome and has been building up a good reputation with the owners of EG, (since our wedding out there :)) she decided to join the bridal show with great success! People loved her stuff. And why wouldn’t they? It’s unique in the best way possible. 🙂 I was so proud of her that day! Putting herself out there and people loving what she had. That girl can draw!

Love you mom!