New Dress and Sourpusses

dress: Old Navy, shoes: Target-sister’s, necklace: sister’s, cardy: JCrew-sister’s

Yes. I did it. I braved the INSANE crowds at Old Navy for Black Friday in hopes of getting my dream coat for 60% off. (They didn’t have it. Disappointed ensued.) Sisters and I stood in the cold for over an hour waiting for the doors to open. When they did open the doors we could see people scooping up things they didn’t even need only because they were $1. Running around like chickens with their heads cut off, they grabbed all that they could. It. Was. RIDICULOUS.

We only actually shopped for 45 minutes but because of the lines we weren’t out of there until 2.30. (AM!) My two sisters checked out and I was up next. The woman scanned all of my merch and then a coupon. Then it happened. The computer froze. No movement. No sign of it responding. I knew it wasn’t her fault! No one can help a technology issue. I reassured her when she apologized that everything was fine! And it really was!
However, this group of grown women didn’t have my patience. One of them walked up to my cashier, and said, “Um, are you going to move us to another line? Everyone is moving and we’re just standing here!” She kept insisting that the cashier do something about it though she and the manager were doing all they could with 100+ people in the store to help. A couple of minutes later when the manager was shutting down the register to reboot it, a woman from another line came to gripe him out for something she thought he should have done. Shortly after the same group of women starting demanding $5 off coupons for the trouble they were put through. THE NERVE!
The manager moved me to the register behind the one I was on to be rechecked out and that cashier sympathized with my intense frustration aimed at the grown women acting like children. I made sure to genuinely thank the people who did their best to amend the situation.

I had a really hard time not going back into the store and giving that group a piece of my mind. I was shaking I was so angry. On Thanksgiving? Demanding you deserve something because you think you were wronged? IN.SANE.

Needless to say, there was a great deal of humility and gratefulness that morning. Not to mention an eye-opening experience on how the world truly is. It’s ugly. But only because sin made it that way. Thank God he has saved us and loves us despite our hideousness.

So! Thank you Old Navy for putting on a great GobblePalooza and staying up all hours of the night to do your job even though some may be unappreciative.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

PS. I got that ON dress on sale from $45 to $13! Thanks, GobblePalooza. 🙂

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