The First Day of School

Monday was my first day of school. My first day of my journey towards my Bachelor’s Degree. My first day to try and meet new friends. (So far, there are some excellent candidates! Woohoo!). I wasn’t freaking out too much since I did that a few weeks ago. While my day was good, I couldn’t help but miss Kilgore College and all the familiarity. Everything at UT Tyler is so new so it’s going to take some getting used to, but one thing I’m excited about is picking out outfits for school. (Plus, there’s a Chick fil-a and Starbucks on campus!)

Last week started out well enough, though the heat is killer. I’ve managed to stay indoors most of the summer and I am really pining for fall! (Hurry up, cold!) The week before school finding tuition money nearly sent me to an early grave but we managed with some family love, so when last Thursday smacked me, I nearly broke down. Our first meeting with all the music majors let me know that I was missing a $400 class. Unfortunately, the class only comes around every other year so I couldn’t wait.  So, after sweating my way over to the admin building and registering for the class I realized that it was a T/Th class at 3.30-4.30. There went my errand days. And of course, I had to stay an extra hour that day to attend the class without any paper or pencils or food. Instead of getting home at around 2:15 I wasn’t home until 5:30. Boo.

I know that sounds incredibly selfish but driving 2 hours every day can really take a toll on the gas tank and the bank account. Driving four extra hours a week (for a ONE HOUR CLASS! AHH!) has really hit us/me. Thursday was a really tough day for me. It was one of those days when things just keep piling on top of you until you just want to scream as loud as you can. Finances, books, a new school, and realizing that 90% of my closet doesn’t fit anymore has really made me stress out. (My forehead started cramping. Now that’s stress. Oh, and did I mention that our post office sent two checks to the wrong address and people stole money from us?)

So, I’ve decided to try and take control of at least one aspect of my life as much as I can. I’ve joined Jason’s cousin, Becca, in her fitness challenge. It started last Thursday and will end on Thanksgiving day: 90 days. Last week, I worked out three times. (Though, one of those times was Thursday so it doesn’t really count because I was so angry.) The people in her Facebook group paid a $25 ante and whoever loses the most inches wins the money! There’s a first, second, and third place. I’d love to win at least one of those, but first I have to get motivated. I figure the best way to do that is to tell all of you!

So, who’s with me? For 90 days let’s eat better, exercise, and strive to lose those inches. As a mini challenge, also from Becca, I’m going to cut out sugar for two weeks. On the 15th day Becca challenged me to eat one serving of sugar and to see how I feel. I’m already guaranteeing I’ll feel awful! Which, of course, means I shouldn’t eat so much sugar. 🙂

As much as I can, I’ll report back here with my progress along with some outfit posts! I also apologize for my blatant absence in the past week. As you can see above I have been beyond stressed out, but I’m praying this week will be merciful. My one consolation is sleeping late on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Hey, at least it’s only a one hour class. (See, I’m being optimistic already!)

Who’s with me!

PS. Whadya think of the new header? It’s a little different from the vintage, eh?