DIY Friendship Bracelets

Remember summer camp when you’d make tens of lanyards with that ghastly plastic string? Well this blog has given the lanyards a total overhaul and the result is a beautiful necklace/bracelet/headband! I tried it out myself after many a stressful attempt and this is what I came up with:

The only problem I had was actually getting started. I didn’t understand the directions correctly and it took me a good hour or so to actually start the first braid! After that it was smooth sailing. It’s kind of hard to judge when to start and stop braiding your washers. Mine ended up off-centered so I’m thinking about un-braiding one side a bit then adding S hooks to the end knots and making it a necklace. It’s super versatile!

The next DIY I did was their chevron friendship bracelet. If you buckle down and get in a comfortable position it really doesn’t take all that long at all! I finished one in about 20-30 minutes. Be sure to get threads that are the same size, though. I used thread from two different boxes from Wal-Mart and one was thicker than the other and it came out a bit wompy. (See below) The other one I did on vacation, however, turned out great!

I plan on making more of these since I bought a ton of thread, but after that I want to make their rhinestone wrap bracelet and the rope bracelet!

Happy DIYing!

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