Well, how does she look?!

This site has been my baby for the last week! I’ve had to relearn how to work with CSS code to edit it how I like it, but it’s been so rewarding and fun! Reminds me of my Xanga days… Ahh, the memories.

I’ve been so excited to FINALLY launch this thing!
So here’s what’s new:

-I think the domain name and my new title are the biggest changes. “Ruffled Melodies” really didn’t feel like me. I changed it because I really wanted something new, but it just wasn’t sticking. Jason actually helped me pick out the name. Feels more like me, too. So thanks to Vanquish VPS web hosting, I now have my own site! (Thanks, Chris!)
-This site will be mainly for my style/outfit posts and little tidbits of my daily life. I’ve moved all of my more personal blogs to a temporary site that will be launched a little later.
-I now have my own button! See her to the right —>. Take the code underneath the picture and slap it into a text widget on your own site! Clicking it will sent you straight here. Neat, huh?

I’ve still got little things to work out but right now, but I’m pretty happy considering I accomplished it all by myself! (With lots of help from WordPress forums!)

So what are your favorite elements? Anything you’d like to see on The Rich Style?