Yep, it’s me again. Here to rant and rave about so-called “street style blogs.”

Personally, I couldn’t be less of a fan. They’re narrow-minded on what they think style is. The Sartorialist is ranked one the most influential style blogs and while it does have some great inspiration, I couldn’t help myself to think, “Wow. Why is every single girl on here super tall and super skinny?” But am I really surprised? This is what people supposedly want, right? It’s what the media portrays as being the “it” thing. Perfect. I myself struggle with the reasons for wanting to lose some weight. Is it because I want to look like the image The Sartorialist portrays? Or do I want to do it so I’ll live a healthier life?

What REALLY grinds my gears though, is when they do post ONE picture out of a million of a girl who they call “curvy”. They’re PROUD of themselves. Like they’re doing us girls a favor for sneaking in a picture of someone who isn’t 110 lbs and 5’10″. Are you kidding me? I’m speaking of one specific post I just read on The Sartorialist. (The post is called On The Street….Angelika, Milan). She received some serious flack for calling that girl “curvy” in the comments and proceeded to ask what she should call her without calling her “normal”. How about just saying, “Wow! Look at her outfit!” Not calling attention to the fact that she doesn’t look like EVERY OTHER SINGLE GIRL ON YOUR BLOG.

In short. You aren’t doing us a favor by posting a single picture of someone who looks like me. It doesn’t exempt you from your narrow-mindedness. If you do showcase a girl like that, how about not calling attention to what she looks like? You don’t call attention to the weight and figure of every other girl you post about do you?

On the same note, what’s with girls my age and younger getting plastic surgery? My heart. Breaks. Are we not beautiful enough without artificial enhancements?

What do you think?