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Shop Melody Rich

I’ve been told by some (everyone) that my closet is out of control and it’s “my fault my clothes are spilling out of my closet” or that “my shoes take up half the room” but whatever, okay? I cleaned it all up and after fear of finding something dead or maybe alive under all of… Read more »


In Texas, we don’t really have spring. It goes basically fall to summer with four random snow and ice days in March and April, if we’re lucky. Despite all that, “spring” just breathes new life into everything and everyone. For me, I feel like a completely brand new person. I know I haven’t shared much… Read more »

Social Print Studios

Of all the blogs I’ve ever read, A Beautiful Mess continues to be a place I find inspiration in each post. Emma and Elsie are geniuses when it comes to decor, food and photography. Both girls are big proponents of printing out photos to see the memories instead of just filing them away on a… Read more »


A few Friday nights ago was my high school’s homecoming, and since my youngest sister is in the band we went to watch! The band is pretty hardcore and the director is the coolest guy. We’re all real proud of Rudy meeting new people and finding something she loves to do! And I guess it… Read more »

15 Free Fonts

Hey guys! Rachel over at Sincerely Peachy has compiled 15 really great free fonts to download! I myself downloaded every single one last night. 🙂 They’re great for DIY invitations, announcements, and general tom-foolery. Go here to download! Thanks, Rachel!   xx

Thank You

After I spilled my guts to you last Thursday, I couldn’t believe the amount of love and encouragement you guys showed me. Facebook messages and tweets came in and at each one I smiled. I gotta tell ya, I was nervous about posting that. It was a tough thing to write and a tough thing… Read more »