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Easy Breezy

cardi: F21, dress: Webster for Target via Goodwill, necklace: F21, watch: thrifted (similar), ring: flea market, belt: Old Navy (similar), sandals: Old Navy (similar) Found this dress at a huge Goodwill near my sister’s school while we were down there helping her move into her new apartment this weekend, which I’ll post more about tomorrow!… Read more »

Let’s do lunch.

shirt: Pacsun (similar), skirt: thrifted (similar, similar), flats: Target (similar, similar), watch: thrifted (similar, similar) height: genetics I know, I know that you all are jealous of how short this skirt makes me look without heels on. Trust me. I rolled it up four times to make the skirt shorter thus elongating my legs. Did… Read more »

Cool stuff I bought for real cheap. Wanna see?

I said yesterday (wait, what day is it?) that my sister and I went to Houston for a little day trip. She stayed the night and we hit up the two thrift stores here. This giant church’s thrift store (FPC Thrift Store) and Goodwill (lame city/way overpriced). Srsly, the FPC is the GREATEST. EVER. They… Read more »

iPhone pictures, vacation chat, and an outfit

shirt: Gap thrifted, jeans: Target (similar), earrings: JCrew, sandals: Old Navy (similar) These were taken before a spontaneous trip for lunch on Friday with J. We then shopped till we dropped. It was so nice to get out of the house! Sorry for all the iPhone pictures. The lens I bought that was broken still… Read more »

Awkward and Awesome!

striped tee: thrifted (similar), jeans: F21 (similar, similar), flats: Target thrifted (similar) Awkward: -When a guy looks totally normal from the front. Then he turns to the side and his ponytail comes in full view… -Seriously, is it healthy to not wear a bra this much? -How many crickets/dogs/birds/noises live in our trees behind our… Read more »

I Still Smell Like Chlorine and Sunscreen

button-up: thrifted (similar), maxi: F21 (similar), sandals: Old Navy And I love it. I’ve smelled like it all weekend and I don’t want to give it up! How was your weekend? Nothings better than smelling like the pool and watching Nacho Libre. Nothing. ‘Cept chocolate. Duh.