Life Lately

Since I’ve gotten out of the (horrid?) habit of posting my eyeballs out on every social media platform known to man and thus giving myself much needed brain space, I’ve amassed quite the collection of photos that no one has seen. And what’s the fun of taking photos if no one sees them?

Started dating this dummy and added he and his dog Butter to our pack. We are crazy.

Outlast Youth hosted their first successful event! We held a mixer for volunteers and for the community to get to know us. So grateful to be a part of this and for the community’s support. Truly amazing.

Visited Lubbock for a work trip and saw my first tumbleweed.

Shaved my head, dog sat a real life muppet and burned the remnants of my old wedding DVDs in the sink while Paden lit the match.

Dog sitting for some clients of mine, I opened the garage door and that GORGEOUS fully restored baby was staring me in the face. Baby pink? Yes please.

Oh and my family came to visit and my parents are adorable. <3


What have you been up to lately?




#WhatMelWears: Donut Bench

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A few weekends ago my family came into town to celebrate my youngest sister’s birthday. The big 1-8. She got a fancy new tattoo that my mom drew (#trendsetter) and we spent the weekend eating and thrifting and being together. It ruled.

One of the days I was responsible for taking approximately 7,834 photos of my sister in approximately 47 outfits for “graduation.” I forced her and her boyfriend to take some of me though. It was only fair.

crochet jacket: local boutique, top: Forever21, jeans: American Eagle, shoes: Converse, necklace: DIY

This bench is my second favorite thing about Glazed Donut Works. Their donuts obviously being the first. They changed up their menu and I could probably only eat their donuts for the rest of my life and be set. Do we have a deal, Glazed?

What’d you do this weekend?


Family Photos


Bet you thought I meant my human family, lol. NO. THIS is my family. Dogs. If it makes you feel any better, we took these after we took human family photos over Christmas. Notice I’m not wearing a sweater because Texas decided it would just kinda gloss over winter this year and head right into what it thinks is “spring.” Which, I mean, is fine I guess if you don’t own 62 sweaters and velvet leggings you want to show the world.

This was pre haircut in February and it was having a DAY. I could NOT get that turn out to tame and it was flat and weird and ugh. Even with short hair I still have issues.

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to get these girls to hold still for a minute while we took some photos. They were too excited to not be in a fence and wanted to get loose and play with my family. Crazies.

I’m wearing: jeans-American Eagle, booties-Shoe Carnival, shirt-stolen from Shelby, velvet kimono-local boutique

HAWT FIRE. My mom is adorable.


Anyway, happy finally Friday! I’m going to the enormous Round Top sale with friends for a girls’ weekend. I AM SO EXCITED. Sometimes I look back on my life and say, “God, no wonder I was depressed. I had no friends!” And then I think about all the cool stuff I get to do and the people I get to love in a healthy way and just get the warm fuzzies. Life is cool and hard and weird! That should be the tagline of this blog.

Did you see my collab post with Infinity Jars? Check it out!


Love you!



Infinity Jars x YDM

Back in December, yes, December, Infinity Jars reached out to me to collaborate on a post. I always feel super cool when brands reach out to me like that without any prompting from my end. Makes me feel like a legit blogger!

Infinity Jars boast that they have “the most powerful glass ever created,” and while I haven’t experienced every piece of glass on the planet, I’d say this glass is pretty damn good. Infinity Jars focuses on storing organic and natural products. So remember when I talked about transitioning everything in my house over to non-toxic stuff? This is why these jars rule. Wanna know why this glass is so good? They stored chives in an Infinity Jars jar, an amber jar and a clear jar for two months. After two months the chives came out of the Infinity jar looking brand new. The amber and clear glass ones failed. Pretty hard. They did it again with tomatoes, this time for seven months. (Who wants to eat a seven month old tomato?) The tomato coming out of the clear jar looked like a moon rock while the one out of the Infinity jar looked brand new again. I mean, it’s up to you if you want to eat a seven month old tomato, but I’ll take their word for it.

Infinity Jars are lightproof, have an airtight seal and preserve and rejuvenate freshness. These jars preserve for over six months! They’re opaque and block out all visible light. So bump clear and amber glass, amirite? Did I mention they’re insanely good for organic goods?

For this post, I got to choose three jars, and since I don’t buy my spices or food in bulk like I’d like to, I chose the jars I could use for skincare and an oil jar. Why the oil one? Because I really needed one. Keep reading for my reviews!


This is the 50 ml Glass Fine Mist Spray Bottle. I chose this because who can’t ever use a spray bottle? For all of us Americans, 50 ml is 1.7 ounces so it’s totally cool to take on a plane. Let me tell you. When I got these jars in I didn’t know what I was in for but this spray bottle? Dude. It’s a heavy duty spray bottle, man! It’s the finest mist and it’s not just gonna spray off willy nilly if you forget to put the cap back on in your bag. It takes more force than your ELF spray bottles, okay? I decided to put my witch hazel in here for toner. I spray it on a cotton pad and do my thing. MUCH easier than trying to pour it straight from the bottle. 10/10 would recommend.

This guy is the 50 ml Glass Push Pump Bottle. (Real easy names here, guys.)  I haven’t put anything in this bottle yet because I’m waiting to use up some of my other oils. But this will be used for DIY facial oils and moisturizers. It’s the PERFECT bottle for that. I imagine it’d be even better for a thicker moisturizer because of the pump, but I’ll keep you updated on what I do with it. Just like with the spray bottle, this guy is heavy duty. That glass is no joke. And you see the hints of blue on the edges of it? I tried to capture it better in the sun, but Infinity Jars uses a super deep violet glass. It’s proven to save your organic and natural products longer than amber or clear glass! This pump comes with a cap on it as well. I tested it out and it stays on pretty well, but I wouldn’t leave it just floating around in your bag. Put that thing in your toiletries bag, aight? 10/10 would recommend.

Every Infinity Jars order comes with labels. Because, hello, the glass is so dark how will you know what’s inside? There’s a date line on there too so you can know when you put whatever you put in there. I keep my cosmetics jars stored on my bathroom shelf. It doesn’t matter where you store it, the glass will do its job.

This is the 750 ml Square Glass Bottle with Oil Spout. (Again, super clever name.) It comes with a regular screw on cap, but I chose to put the oil spout on because that’s what I wanted it for. Feel free to store whatever you want in it! Balsamic vinegar, herbal tinctures, ointment oils-literally whatever you want. Options are endless! I’ll admit, the oil spout can be stingy. The spout is almost too good. It’ll take a hot second to cover your pan with oil, but it gets the job done. Again, this bottle is best for your fancy EVOOs or whatever you bought at Whole Foods. Probably not gonna do much for that canola oil you got at ALDI, though. 7/10 would recommend.

Put a label on this guy too because I’m forgetful af. See the white background? That’s a cleaning cloth that also comes with every order. But since I decided I’d lie this bottle down full of oil and snap a pic, oil leaked out the spout and ruined the cloth. But don’t worry! I tested it and it works. Just don’t be a dummy like me and soak it in oil.


HUGE thanks to Infinity Jars for partnering with me on this post and reaching out! And DOUBLE HUGE thanks to Tania, who I communicated with over there, for her patience! You guys are awesome.

Have any DIY facial oil recipes you wanna give me? What would you use your jars for? Let me know in the comments because I need more facial oils. ?

* 2 0 1 7 *


2017 goals

Is February to late to post a goals list? Asking for a friend. Trust me, if I don’t write it down it won’t happen. Even though I’ve made goals lists before and completely ignored them, but this time is different, I swear!

If you’re alive, you’ve probably seen goals posts out the wang this year. This list started out as a birthday goal list. The idea is to make a list of x number of items to complete before your next birthday. (x=your current age. #MATH) It gets tougher the older I get and I seem to put off big goals I have out of fear. For the last few years I’ve had the same few things on my list to complete, but after my 26th birthday I’m-seriously-getting-older-and-not-younger-what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life crisis I’m making strides to get these done. Like I talked about in one of my recent posts, I’m the most balanced I’ve ever been and arguably the most motivated. So lez do eet.

2017 Goals
  • Start retirement fund
  • Save an emergency fund
  • Save $700 cushion fund Well, I did this and then I used it for emergencies! Back to square one!
  • Get a credit card (See #27.)
  • Finish decorating my apartment and be done I did, and then I moved. So I’m starting over, lol
  • Buy a new computer Welcomed a new iMac to the fam.
  • Budget an entire year and stick to it This is literally impossible.
  • Start a band
  • Redesign blog
  • Travel to two new places
  • Develop a core group of friends (wanna be friends?) I already have a core group of friends. I just didn’t realize it.
  • Get first tattoo
  • Get a second tattoo
  • Meditate more
  • Find a part time work from home gig I LOVE working for Rover! I can literally set my own schedule and I love all of my clients.
  • Lose thirty pounds (I KNOW)
  • Don’t dip into the negative. Ever. (already screwed this one up!)
  • Love yourself more
  • Keep your house as minimal as possible Got rid of SO MUCH STUFF in the move!
  • Visit fifteen Dallas spots on your list
  • Mark off three bucket list items
  • Wear sunscreen every day for a week
  • Complete Whole 60!
  • Go camping
  • Take another friend vacation Heading to the beach in July!
  • Be bold
  • Pay off credit card every month

If I wanna be extra…

  • Buy a bike!
  • Learn to put on false eyelashes
  • Buy good tennis shoes and start running again
  • Paddle board or kayak on White Rock Lake
  • Run a 5k without walking


The good news is I’ve already crossed off a decent amount! The bad news is some of these are abstract and can’t necessarily be measured in a year and some may seem like easy challenges. Like going camping? Easy. Getting a second tattoo? Done. Others are tough, like completing a Whole 60 instead of a Whole30 this go round is going to be difficult, but I can do it! Starting a band? Woof. I look forward to having a benchmark for myself to look back and see how I’ve improved. Crossing something off is the most satisfying thing to me!


Here’s to the next 182 days!



All My Tattoos

If you know me IRL, sometimes I get an idea in my head and obsess about it for literal years before I take action. This is true in my move to Dallas (ask anyone I went to college with), buying a Honda Civic and now true of tattoos.

I think I started wanting a tattoo when I was seventeen, but thank god I didn’t get one back then because surely any idea I had back then was total hot garbage. (AHEM, LITTLE SISTER RUDY. I’M TALKING TO YOU.) Anyway, I’d been bouncing ideas off of my mom the illustrator and bugging her for months to draw me something. I told them leading up to my birthday in September that all I wanted was tattoo money. One day my mom randomly texted me and asked how much people tip for tattoos. And because I’m as dense as a fruitcake I was completely oblivious. ADOY. On my birthday, they gave me all the money I’d need for my tattoo AND AN ORIGINAL DRAWING OF THE DALLAS SKYLINE IN MY MOM’S SIGNATURE STYLE. I think I died.

I already knew which tattoo artist I was using so I made an appointment for mid October. My appointment was on a Friday and I lucked out that my sister could come up from Waco and go with me! I hate going places alone and having someone there relaxed me.

Oh, did I mention I made the appointment at historic Elm Street Tattoo that just happens to be seven minutes from me? Because I did.

Josh Arseneau was my artist of choice and he did not disappoint! He was kind, patient and talented. This was obviously my first tattoo and he indulged in all the photos I wanted and snapchats and video. Good thing the shop was pretty empty that day. THANK YOU, JOSH. You rule.

All healed up. I couldn’t love it more and I’ve already commissioned my mom for several more tattoos. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take six months like the last time. >.<

A couple months later Elm Street was having an anniversary tattoo event and I decided to randomly get this awesome rose piece on my arm. This also happened to be my third date with Paden. He was a good sport and came to the shop with me and even bought me tacos after while we looked at my arm wrapped in plastic slowly turn into what looked like a pack of bloody meat.


One of my other favorite artists from Portland, Tyson Arndt, just happened to be doing some appointments at Elm Street that week. When he introduced himself to me I said, “I know. I love your work.” He should’ve been completely freaked out and rolled away from me on his stool, but instead he said, “Oh cool! Thank you.” And then I got another cool tattoo.


So THANK YOU to Josh and Tyson for putting up with me and all my videos and photos and flinching, because now I have some permanent art on my body.



Do you have any tattoos? Where’d you get them? Who are some of your favorite artists? I’ve listed some of my faves that I follow on social media!



List some of your faves below because I am now tattoo obsessed. <3