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I’m Urban Now

HEY! I just found this that I wrote, like, TWO MONTHS AGO!? Because I’m a terrible person. BUT you get to read it now. :* —- HEY GANG. So I’ve lived in Dallas for a little over a week now so I’m super urban and adjusted now. I can get to work without using Google Maps… Read more »

Try To Be Cool

I’ve only been working at my new job for two and a half weeks and have come home with several bags of new clothes. And it ain’t gonna stop. IE this new outfit. 90% is from the Gaudy and I am not sorry about it. 🙂 vest: Old Navy, blouse: H&M, necklace, pants, sandals: Dressin’… Read more »

Today Was Hard

Today was one of those days. You know the kind; it tests your patience and pushes you to your absolute limit and then nudges you over it all the while laughing manically and stealing all the chocolate. It started decent. And not the kind of good decent where you can tell that the day will… Read more »

DIY: How To Fix a Bleached Shirt

Working in a daycare means using bleach. A lot. Using bleach means possibly getting it on your clothes. Possibly getting it on your clothes means that cool new shirt you bought is now ruined. This has happened to me approximately four times. Thankfully it has happened with shirts that can be saved, except for this… Read more »

How I Really Feel

is it possible to be physically and emotionally drained while simultaneously feeling so fulfilled? that’s how i feel right now…   all summer when i prayed for a job i expected something dull like a receptionist position, which is what i applied for, and something that would get me out of the house and get… Read more »