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My Summer 2016 Bucket List

A couple weeks ago my sister mentioned she was working on her summer bucket list. And by that I mean she was literally knitting, you guys. KNITTING. But it made my ears perk up because 1., I love lists, and 2., I specifically love bucket lists. Not in the before-I-die kinda way, but in the… Read more »

Ice Cream Puppy Date

When it started to get a little warm, Shel and I decided it would be fun to satisfy our ice cream cravings with a trip to our dangerously close Dairy Queen. Pepper loves car rides so we brought her along and treated her to her own cone. 🙂 To my surprise, she ate it like… Read more »


Months ago I saw on the Caldwell Zoo’s Facebook page that four baby lions were born! I watched all the videos, aww’d at all the pictures, and vowed to go as soon as I could. Once the cubs were old enough they started letting them play out of their dens so us humans could watch… Read more »

I Might Move to Waco

Remember when a couple of weeks ago my sister found a stupid awesome apartment in Waco so we went down to sign her lease and we did a bunch of shenanigans? (Is did the right word there?) Well the last shenanigan we did (is it?) was walk through the gorgeous garden a few steps away… Read more »

Our Backyard

Since my sister was throwing her birthday party outside in our backyard, our parents bought a fancy new firepit. It poured rain the night of her party but we’ve been out by it several times since then making very good use of it. There’s something magical about sitting around a fire for hours. It’s like… Read more »

Hump Day

men’s button-up: thrifted, jeans: Target, sandals: Old Navy, bracelets: H&M/Target, necklace: estate sale Come on! Who knew the light in this parking lot was going to be so good? The blank slate of the parking lot was so good it was just begging to have me take my pictures in it. My sister Shel and… Read more »