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How Do You Morning?

Good morning! (Btw, if it’s before 8 AM don’t come to me with that noise. It is not a good morning, yet.) On my drive to work this morning, the sun was pouring in through my car window just right and everything just seemed…fresh. New, even being surrounded by all those cars and people trying… Read more »

The Mountains Are Calling

military jacket: thrifted, tunic: Dressin’ Gaudy (HOLLER), tights: Dressin’ Gaudy, combat boots: Forever21 WHAT! AN OUTFIT POST!? I am BACK, baby. I wore this on Thanksgiving day in the mountains of Arkansas. My mom’s family rented a house in Mena that backed up to the Ouachita National Forest. *heart eyes emoji* The log house was… Read more »

Happy Fall

jacket: thrifted, sweater: thrifted, button-up: thrifted, jeans: Target, boots: Forever21 If you don’t already know, the leaves are pretty sweet right now. Normally this side of the yard is just like, ehh. But now it’s like, whoa! RIGHT?! I’ve always loved fall. I was born in September and just always loved those colors. Hate. HATE…. Read more »

I held a baby

baseball tee: BF Old Navy $5 score, skirt: BF Kohl’s $8 score, boots: F21, necklace: old Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at my cousin’s fancy new house! Woo! The little cousins played football in the backyard, I held a baby, we all ate the greatest food ever, and just enjoyed being together. I… Read more »

Plaid galaxy + Black Friday stories

shirt: my sister’s closet, dress: Target, boots: Urban Outfitters I love this dress! I remember seeing it before it went on sale and thought it looked like a galaxy and loved it. My sister has really been into space since she took an astronomy class last semester. She’s pulled us all in too! So did you… Read more »

Crossing things off.

One of my fall goals is to take a lot of pictures of the leaves. I’ve never done that before and it was a little harder than I thought. The leaves on campus seem to just be getting to their glamour stage and they’re really showing off. Maybe I’m really blind, but I’ve just noticed… Read more »