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I Might Move to Waco

Remember when a couple of weeks ago my sister found a stupid awesome apartment in Waco so we went down to sign her lease and we did a bunch of shenanigans? (Is did the right word there?) Well the last shenanigan we did (is it?) was walk through the gorgeous garden a few steps away… Read more »

Try To Be Cool

I’ve only been working at my new job for two and a half weeks and have come home with several bags of new clothes. And it ain’t gonna stop. IE this new outfit. 90% is from the Gaudy and I am not sorry about it. 🙂 vest: Old Navy, blouse: H&M, necklace, pants, sandals: Dressin’… Read more »

Sister Style: Short Shorts

A lot of the times when I take outfit pictures my youngest sister Rudy is around and forces me to take her pictures, too. So I do. Because I’m a good sister.   #derp.   Love ya, Ruby! 😉   xx


Somebody stop me. Every time I go to this park I have a good time but I hardly spend much time there. Anyway, a few weeks ago we took some new family pictures as a gift to my grandmother for Mother’s Day. Obviously, I took a few minutes and took some outfit pictures. dress: Kohl’s,… Read more »

Perfect Saturday

cardigan: H&M, blouse: thrifted, jeans: Old Navy, sandals: Target, jewelry: Forever21 A couple weekends ago we spent a Saturday with my grandparents having dinner. While the real adults were inside talking I escaped (mostly from cleaning up dinner) and enjoyed laying in the grass and looking at the clouds. The weather was perfect. I topped… Read more »

It’s Not Illegal

With bluebonnets coming into season the hot button question on everyone’s mind is, “Can we pick them?!” I mean, that’s what you’re all thinking right? Well from a reliable source I learned that it’s totes not illegal to pick them. RIP THOSE THINGS OUT OF THE GROUND! You know, if that’s how you pick flowers…. Read more »