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Beach Hoppin’

  suit top: F21, bottoms: American Eagle, kimono: F21, shades: Buffalo Exchange #tbt to Passion Island. Standing in the ocean, water surrounded me, sand in my toes… I mean, do you ever feel any prettier? Oh also with a rum punch in your hand. That kinda adds to it. Oh, and a belly full of… Read more »

Kimonos Are Coverups Too

suit/sandals: F21, kimono: Gaudy Me, shorts: Marshalls, shades: Buffalo Exchange Did I mention we had a balcony? Did I mention it was the best thing ever sleeping with that door open? Ugh. Staring at that blue water just makes me happy. Also, is it okay to just wear a bathing suit around the house? I… Read more »

The Mountains Are Calling

military jacket: thrifted, tunic: Dressin’ Gaudy (HOLLER), tights: Dressin’ Gaudy, combat boots: Forever21 WHAT! AN OUTFIT POST!? I am BACK, baby. I wore this on Thanksgiving day in the mountains of Arkansas. My mom’s family rented a house in Mena that backed up to the Ouachita National Forest. *heart eyes emoji* The log house was… Read more »

Oh, Say

Well, how was your Fourth? I spent mine floating in a pool at night with friends after having a classic American meal: grilled dawgs. Only after having half of one of the best burgers I’ve ever had with my family, grilled a la my dad. Then my mom made cronuts Saturday night to top it… Read more »

Sister Style: In The Yard

Rudy is becoming quite the fashionista. But I like to think it’s because most of her clothes used to be my clothes and my clothes are fashionable by nature ergo she’s a fashionista. Here’s Rudy in some of my old clothes being fashionable.   Someone please explain to me when Rudy became a teenager. Because… Read more »


A few months ago when we were all dressed up and gorgeous for Easter, we walked behind the church to the field with the beautiful treeline and took turns taking pictures. The results were prettyyyyyyy prettyyyyyyyy good.   I’d take pictures of these babes any day.   Also, HEY JULY! You sure came early. Anyone… Read more »