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Sister Style: Happy Birthday, Rudy!

17. SEVEN.TEEN. SEVENTEEN. Honestly I can’t believe it. Seventeen years ago today Ruby Rudy Meredith was born. All throughout mom’s pregnancy I had my fingers crossed for a baby brother. We even nicknamed it Bean Boy. I still remember sitting in that dark ultrasound room when the technician told us it was a girl and feeling… Read more »

Sister Style: Arkansas Shots

  I feel like every time my sister and I get together we end up taking photos of each other. Me, for the blog, her because I want to shoot her. It’s fun to play photographer and art director for twenty minutes and tell her what to do. Plus, redheads in the woods are probably… Read more »

What Mel Wears to Canton

  If you live in East Texas or really anywhere in Texas probably, you’ve heard of First Mondays in Canton, Texas. Every, you guessed it, first Monday weekend of the month there is this expansive flea market there. And when I say expansive I mean people bring their RVs and camp out for the weekend…. Read more »

Finding My Blogging Voice

I started blogging in 2009 just before getting engaged, a whopping seven years ago. I had just discovered fashion blogs and was coming into my own figuring out what my style actually was and it seemed like the perfect avenue to explore and experiment. Back then, the clothes were sponsored by ModCloth and everything was… Read more »

I Wore One Brand Accidentally

WHAAAAAAAAAT! How about a #whatmelwears for your Monday? SNAP how’d you like that brand spankin’ new hashtag I came up with? (Too many ALL CAPS?) For Thanksgiving last year, my mom’s family rented a house in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The house backed up to this enormous hill and some pretty expansive woods. Obvi we had… Read more »

Six Party Dress Ideas Under $75

Happy Monday! I’m currently recovering from a whirlwind weekend trip to New Orleans for my friends’ joint bachelor and bachelorette party. (Post to come! Spoiler Alert: IT WAS FUN.) I spent 18 hours in a car riding and driving from New Orleans to Austin to Waco and then home to Dallas. But! I’m awake, thanks… Read more »