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My Wedding, Your Wedding: Part Two

Welcome to Part Deux! Today I’ll be focusing on clothing… FOUR: Clothing! Start looking for your dress! There are literally a million options out there but from your personal style you should already have an idea of what you like. If not, research. Don’t immerse yourself in a boutique without having at least somewhat of… Read more »

My Wedding, Your Wedding: Part One

Hello! As promised (a LOOOONG time ago), today I’m (finally) starting my series about planning a wedding and giving you specifics on how my wedding happened. (Get ready to read!) 🙂 Today I’ll be focusing on getting your plan together and what specifics you should put at the top of your priority list. ONE: MAKE… Read more »

Moving On

*Sorry I’ve been so absent. Finals are looming and I’ve just been in sort of a haze this week! And last week for that matter. Hang with me and I promise I’ll get back to normal soon.* In a week and two days I’ll leave Kilgore College for good. I’m not sure how I really… Read more »