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How to Fail at Dinner and Still Be a Hot Wife

shirt, skirt: F21, sandals: Old Navy Sometimes wives fail at dinner. If you’re like me, you probably fail at dinner a lot. Burn rice, overcook chicken, sauce is too sweet… My husband is just thankful for a meal and for me letting him use my foot spa because he bruised his heels. Sometimes that’s what… Read more »

2012 Goals

Yeah, I know you’ve probably read about a million of these posts so why not go ahead and make it a million and one! *Get healthy. Already got a start on this! I started Couch to 5k Monday night. It’s only three times a week and about 25 minutes long. I’m incredibly sore but can’t… Read more »

What I’ve Learned So Far

photo from our engagement session with Angela Duncan I know we’re only thirteen days into 2012 but I’ve learned something pretty huge. Huge for me. To paraphrase Passion.. We (students) are in a system that prepares us for a destination that is not yet arrived. And that won’t arrive for quite some time. I remember… Read more »

A Tour of My Office

Yes. I have an “office”. The sewing machine sits there and so does the laundry. It has lovely fluorescent lighting and three laundry baskets. It’d be somewhere else but there is no where else. But I love it. 🙂 Care to take a peek? Ta-da! Isn’t she gorgeous? Remember this post? It’s finally all coming… Read more »

Our First Year

Although our one year anniversary was over a week ago, (the 20th) it still doesn’t feel like it should really be here. Has it really been an entire year since we were married? We waited so long for that day that it doesn’t seem possible that it’s already been another 365 days. There isn’t a… Read more »

My Wedding, Your Wedding: Part Three

Hola! Today we’re looking at flowers, catering, and decorations. FIVE: Flowers. There are a lot of options here. If you’re only using flowers for your bridal party, including parents, it can be pretty cheap, depending on how creative you get. Use vintage flower brooches for your bouquet and boutonnieres, make them out of doorknobs, use… Read more »