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I Went To The Doctor And Was Cool The Whole Time

Thursday night I tossed and turned wondering why I was so hot. Finally at 6:30 Friday morning I checked my temperature. 100.9. Nice. My throat was swollen and sore beyond relief. I called in to work and went back to bed. I slept on and off, only waking when my body needed to swallow, until… Read more »

To Be Real

I’ve made a resolution. I want to be more real here. More honest. Tell more. I have decided this for several reasons; since getting divorced I have been made brand new. I’ve had an awakening year and experienced searing pain and fresh grace and the hopes of being real here is that someone will be… Read more »

We Have A Cat

I talk about Pepper so much I don’t think you guys know that we have a cat! Three, actually. The two indoor cats are Mycroft and Ike. Yes, Mycroft from Sherlock. (Our favorite show. Have you seen it?! We should talk!) Our girl cat, Penny, lives outside and is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet…. Read more »

My Sister Graduated!

FINALLY. My sister and I are college graduates! Holler! After a long semester of student teaching my sister walked the stage at A&M Commerce. We are so proud. Shelby Kay Taylor, in case you were wondering. There she goes! She’s the only redhead on stage. GRADUATED! Happy Graduation, Shel! Shelby is now substituting at a… Read more »

Our Christmas

I know that Christmas was, like, a month ago. But I snapped about a million pictures and just really want to share some. Especially because Pepper was extra adorable that day. 🙂 Every year my mom displays her Santa and snowman collection. It’s one of my favorite parts about Christmas. A lot of them were… Read more »

Our Thanksgiving! I Know It’s January.

Okay… so Thanksgiving was more than a month ago. More like, two months ago. But hey! It’s Thanksgiving and nothing makes me feel better than looking at pictures of delicious food. The turkey was huge and mom basting it made her hand look like an alien. Also, turkey butt. Mmm… pie. Mom’s fall decorations on… Read more »