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Dallas Bucket List: Cowboys Game

If you’re a Texan, you’re a Cowboys fan. You just are. Don’t try to fight it, accept it. I’ve never been to any college or professional football game. I never had the opportunity and didn’t really seek it out. Almost a month ago, my friend Kalie asked if I wanted to go with her family…. Read more »

Dallas Bucket List

I love the idea of making a list of places to visit. And now with Pinterest it becomes so visual! I had a short list on my phone of hot spots to hit up in Dallas, but I wanted it to become a reality. I’m an obsessed document-er. I take a photo to represent practically… Read more »

I Might Move to Waco

Remember when a couple of weeks ago my sister found a stupid awesome apartment in Waco so we went down to sign her lease and we did a bunch of shenanigans? (Is did the right word there?) Well the last shenanigan we did (is it?) was walk through the gorgeous garden a few steps away… Read more »