Meet Melody

Oh hello.

My name is Melody Taylor. I’m 26 and all you need to know is that I really want to be your best friend. Do you like cocktails? Do you like Tex-Mex? Do you like weird and sarcastic humor? Do you need a redheaded friend? I’m your gal. Let’s be internet friends and buck all the stereotypes that internet friendships aren’t real and email back and forth for three years until we finally meet. We’ll be a match made in heaven.

Here’s a photo of my dogs, Pepper Pots and Ginger Snap. Pepper’s a four year old Golden Retriever and is my best friend/kid. She’s energetic, excitable and literally loves everything. Just like me, omg. Ginger is a hairy mutt I adopted the summer of 2016. She licks and snuggles and protects me from flies.

PicMonkey Collage2

I live in Dallas, the greatest city ever created! Right now I work as an assistant for a non-profit. I’ve got lofty goals of being a part-time writer and full-time musician. We’ll see.
Since uprooting my entire life to move here, I’ve been adjusting to this new city and putting down roots. I’ve since had the genius idea to make a Dallas Bucket List to immerse myself in the culture. You better click that link and when you visit here mark one off with me.

I’m just a weirdo trying to find other weirdos to add to my clan. If you’re really bored, start here and get to know me and this blog even better. So scroll around! Stalk me! I won’t judge. And neither will my Google Analytics.




PS? I use a Nikon D7000 and a 35mm f1.8G lens.
Or my iPhone.
Mostly my iPhone.
Sorry, Nikon.